Thursday, October 24, 2013

Early Fall in Transylvania County

Every year about this time the mountains beckon, and so I found a window of opportunity midweek and headed up the I-26 to the North Carolina hills of Transylvania and Hendersonville counties.  Funny, you just can't predict when the leaves are going to be at their peak color.  This year they are late.  Why?  Maybe all the rain, who knows.  Anyway, for a photographer it is always a challenge to make it work.  If what you came for is not quite what you anticipated, then switch to Plan B - whatever that is.  Part of the fun is the exploration of unfamiliar territory.  A lot of of the time I have to admit I was hopelessly lost - even with my GPS.  I wandered down roads called "Three Knob Road" and "Hard Times Ridge", always with great anticipation as to what I might find around the next bend.  Here are some of the images of the trip.  See you in the Spring, Hannah Ford Road ...

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