Saturday, February 18, 2017

Living History Event at Magnolia Plantation

Yesterday afternoon a group of talented historical re-enactors entertained and educated folks at Magnolia Plantation.  This particular program is titled "Through the Eyes of the Enslaved" and included storytelling, blacksmithing, and outdoor cooking.  Featured presenters were Joe McGill, James Brown, Sara Daise, Christine Mitchell, Dontavius Williams, Jerome Bias, Nicole Moore, and Gilbert Walker.

The following information is quoted from Magnolia Plantation's website; "Living History Through the Eyes of the Enslaved" is offered in cooperation with the Slave Dwelling Project, created by Joseph McGill, Magnolia's history consultant. Through the Slave Dwelling Project, McGill has traveled to 17 states to spend the night in 91 structures that were once the home of enslaved families. He launched the project at Magnolia nearly seven years ago.  "Living History Through the Eyes of the Enslaved is our opportunity through the Slave Dwelling Project to tell our own stories," McGill said. "We've assembled a group of African American historians who're doing on-going research to bring to the public up-close and authentic educational demonstrations."

For More information about Joe McGill's work, visit

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Return to Mansfield Plantation

I used Mansfield Plantation as home base for my travels last weekend.  It was the third time I have stayed there.  It is perfectly situated and absolutely gorgeous. Once one of the largest rice plantations in South Carolina, for years it fell out of the hands of the original owners.  Now it is owned by a descendant of the original family owners, John Parker, and his wife, Sallie Middleton, both of whom have made it their life's work to restore the property to its original condition.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Road Trip

Nothing clears the cobwebs out of my head quite like a road trip.  The opportunity to drive wherever the fancy takes me, with nowhere to be at any particular time, except the preference to be somewhere appropriately scenic at sunrise and during the late afternoon and evening. Furthermore, the most seductive routes are those less traveled, which sometimes gets me into some tight spots requiring third party assistance (see image from a previous similar trip).  Fortunately this time I managed to stay out of trouble.  I used Mansfield Plantation for my home base and struck out into the Pee Dee country from there.  Here are some surprises from the road.