Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cheating or Artistic License?

So if I head out to the beach to do some photography on a warm summer's evening, and (as often happens) the sky is a bland and boring blue, and the light everywhere is dead flat, do I turn around and go home, or shoot with some "upgrades" in mind?  Well, I've already burned the gas to get there, and I was looking forward to the exercise outside, and besides if every plan yielded winners, the thrill of the chase would soon fade.  Some photographers are purists and cannot enjoy an image unless it is presented in its unaltered state.  I say "phooey!  where is the creative fun and freedom in that?"  Unless you are deliberately misrepresenting your work, feel free to use all the tools at your disposal and take your image in any direction you choose.
 from nice, but boring to much more interesting ...

  from blah to "what the heck!"

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