Saturday, October 20, 2018

More Scenes from the Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

We have been staying at this wonderful cottage near Bergville and have walked lots, eaten lots, talked lots, and I have taken a lot of photographs!  Wireless was scarce in the area so I haven't posted them often but here are a few more.  On Monday I will be moving on to a game park for a couple of days before heading home to Charleston, so hopefully will be able to post some wildlife images.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa

Well here I am back again in South Africa for a two week stay to visit family.  My three sisters from all over the world, a couple of husbands, and my mom all rented a large cottage in the mountains and so here we all are for the next few days.  These images show the surrounding scenery.  We are having a wonderful time catching up, eating too much food, and trying to get enough exercise to burn up the calories :)

Monday, October 8, 2018

New Aerials of Local Lowcountry Scenes

I had been waiting to get back up in the air and take some new aerial images for a long time, but first the chopper that I use was in the shop for some maintenance, and then the weather was uncooperative.  Finally all the stars came into alignment and we took off on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning.  The flight lasted much longer than I had planned, but it was so pretty I didn't want to come back down.  Here are a few quick samples.  I have a lot of editing work to do before I get them all up on my website :)

Rail bridge over Rantowles Creek

Bowens Restaurant, King Flats Creek

Backman Seafood's dock destroyed by one too many storms

Bird Key Shorebird Preserve, Stono Inlet

What's left of Crab Bank, Charleston harbor

Old Coal Tipple ruins, site of the planned Lorelei Mixed Use Development

Johns Island Executive Airport and Burden Creek

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Prayers for Georgetown, South Carolina

Georgetown has been hit hard by Hurricane Florence in the form of a double whammy.  The first time around, they experienced some flooding as the Hurricane came onshore a little to the north of them, but since then it has been a nail-biting wait while officials and weather experts calculate the pending impact of secondary flooding as a result of torrential rains inland which have swollen rivers that empty into Winyah Bay and finally out into the ocean.  Residents and business owners spent this weekend moving valuables to higher ground, positioning sandbags, and doing everything possible to prepare for rivers that are anticipated to crest at record flood levels on Wednesday next week.  I was there this weekend and spent time on the Great Peedee, Waccamaw, Sampit and Black Rivers, all already flowing at maximum capacity.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Georgetown during this stressful time.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Thank you US Coast Guard

These images were taken back in August of 2018 in the Charleston harbor, but it just shows that these guys stay ready and train for every eventuality.  We tend only to consider their roles when confronted with desperate situations, such as what we are seeing during the flooding in North Carolina caused by Hurricane Florence.  These are re-posted as a "Thank you and Kudos to our US Coast Guard".

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hurricane Florence Assaults the Outer Banks

Watching the news and the meteorologists' breathless accounts of the anticipated impact on North Carolina, I thought about the  beautiful, but so vulnerable sliver of sand we call the Outer Banks.  These images were taken a month ago.  It was such a beautiful morning when we flew from Manteo all the way down to Cape Lookout, as these images show.  I do hope and pray they will not be too damaged by the time this is all over.  You can find more images here

Friday, September 7, 2018

Piece of Southern Heaven

There are some places that I re-visit regularly, for obvious reasons.  This evening's tide was huge, swelling the creeks and drowning fields of marsh grass.  What better place to hang out than somewhere with a great view, food, and a glass of wine.  Here are a few images that go a small way to capturing the experience, hanging out and having fun with longtime friend Sharon.